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Open Call for Projects

In February 2024, Montgomery was awarded $4.5 million by Governor Kathy Hochul through the NY Forward program. The NY Forward program is a comprehensive approach to boosting local economies by transforming communities into vibrant neighborhoods.


​NY Forward provides an opportunity for stakeholders and community members to submit projects that may be considered by their Local Planning Committee (LPC) for inclusion in the NY Forward Strategic Investment Plan. Projects should advance Montgomery's vision and leverage additional investment. Projects may range in cost and scale, from small improvements to large-scale construction projects. All projects, including those submitted in the community's NY Forward application, must be submitted through the Open Call for Projects.

The Open Call for Projects began on Tuesday, June 11, 2024 and was closed on Monday, July 15, 2024.


NY Forward Boundary

Projects should be located within the NY Forward Boundary, which can be found below. Eligible projects located adjacent to or near the NY Forward Boundary may also be submitted and considered by the LPC in accordance with the project evaluation criteria.

NYF Boundary17X11_rev_v2.jpeg

Project Requirements & Eligibility

General Project Requirements

  • Location: Must be within the Montgomery NY Forward Boundary

  • Timing: Projects should be able to break ground within two years or sooner of receiving NY Forward funding

  • Financing: Projects should have financing commitments largely secured or be able to demonstrate a clear path to securing sufficient financing; this financing, combined with NY Forward funding, should enable the sponsor to undertake the project without delay​

  • Project Sponsors: Every project must have an identified project sponsor; may be public, not-for-profit, or private entities with the capacity and legal authority to undertake the proposed project​

  • Size and Scale: Projects must be large enough to be truly transformative for the downtown area​

  • Matching: For projects with a private sponsor, there is a minimum match requirement of 25% of the total project cost; however, the LPC may impose additional match requirements as part of the planning process for all project types

  • Site Control: The project sponsor must have site control or be in the process of acquiring site control​

  • Building Decarbonization: Projects that meet the criteria for new construction, substantial renovation, or a building addition shall include decarbonization techniques

Eligible Project Types

  • New development and/or rehabilitation of existing downtown buildings

  • Public improvement projects

  • Small project funds

  • Branding and marketing


Ineligible Project Types

  • Standalone Planning Activities: All NY Forward funds must be used for projects that directly implement the Strategic Investment Plan (SIP)​

  • Operations and Maintenance: NY Forward funds cannot be used for ongoing or routine expenses, such as staff salaries and wages, rent, utilities, and property upkeep

  • Pre-Award Costs: Reimbursement for costs incurred before the announcement of funding awards is not permitted

  • Property Acquisition: The cost of property acquisition must be funded by another funding source

  • Training and Other Program Expenses: NY Forward funds cannot be used to cover continuous costs, such as training costs and expenses related to existing programs

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